11 febrero 2008

Life is so wondeful.....

Sometimes you fell like your problems are so big and impossible to fix, but with time everything is perfect.
Last night Kriss had a talk with his ex, because we are going to Panama next week and he needed her permission to leave the country, she finally agreed to sign the papers, she also send me a message; she wanted to thank me for loving Gabriel as my son, for been so nice and sweet with him, she is now trying to be more understating and letting Kriss spend more time with his son.
I'm so happy about this, Gabriel needs his parents to get along because he loves them and all the fighting was bad for him.
One problem solve and the other.... well the problem is there, there is nothing I can do to fix it, it still bother me, hurt me,and drive me crazy but with time I know I could kick that ass lol

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Broken Beth dijo...

that is really nice, sometimes ex's arent as nice


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