25 mayo 2008

In my Mac search

I went to the mac store here (again) to see my future laptop with my dad, I guess buying in the USA its the better option for example a Mac book with a 2.1GH core duo processor 1gb ram and 120 GB hard drive plus iwork cost $1761 same one online at the mac store $1178
what I'm thinking is to get the 2.4 GH core duo processor 4 GB ram and 250 GB hard drive plus iwork for $1678, is cheaper than the one here.

The guy at the store offer me a canon printer and the laptop bag for free, the printer cost $130 and the bag $50, but I don't need a new printer and I want my choose a different kind of bag so that not making me buy it there, plus when I though about a warranty they say its global It doesn't mater where you get it .

I'll have to wait a few more days :(

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