09 julio 2008

Finally I made it to Texas!!

My aunt was so happy to see me, it was a great week with her, we went shopping almost every single day, she likes to spoiled me lol we went to my favorite restaurants, to every single store I wanted to go, I got lots of wii games for Gabo and Kriss, and the clothes I need plus the bare minerals make up I wasn't looking for but I always wanted. 
This is my Texas family, they are not blood related but I love this girls as my real family they always make me feel welcome at their house. I wish they live closer to us.

By this time of my vacations I was getting desperate to go home, I missed Kriss so much and he missed me too, this make me think how much I love him, he wrote me the greatest love letter, he made me cry but in a good way. 

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