10 julio 2008

The greatest Surprise!!

One morning at my aunts house I open my bedroom door and found a box, I thought it was some of the things I order Online, so I took the box and look for the label it said Michelle F..., I said: mmm this is weird, Michelle F is my friend from Utah, she was going to send me the blades for the bo bunny cutter she gave me, but the box was to big plus I didn't gave her my aunts address. I had no clue what was in that box.

While we were in MI, Michelle told me she has a friend that works for Bo Bunny and I told her I love that brand and I bought this stamp set from them, I was going to save some money to get the rest of the collection and then we talk about something else I can't remember
Well I run to the kitchen to open the mystery box and this is what I found....
She send me the rest of the stamps I wanted! The whole collection!!!! the bag the same as her with I thought it was gorgeous, and the blades. I almost cry, I was speech less, she talked to Betty and ask her my aunts addy and planned this surprise for me. It was totally unexpected. I love this girl she made my day, even my week!! I still look at the stamps and say WOW I can't believe she send them to me.

2 comentarios:

Michelle dijo...

how you enjoying your stamps?

Lilo dijo...

I love them! I've been making cards with them, they are so cool just a little bit of water and they are clean, its a complete different from the ones I bought. these are my special ones, even Kriss love them, he played with them the other day.


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