07 julio 2008

Leaving Detroit

So on Sunday after the crop, I went to Grand Rapids with Mary, she took me to her lake with is more beautiful than Lisa's lake ( her words not mine) then we went to see the biggest musical fountain it was a long day but we did a lot of thing we went to eat and have fun, then I stay at her house that night playing with her little puppy Mickey, I swear that dog fell in love with me, he even spend the night in my room lol. 
The next day Mary took me to my hotel and to the Mac Store! OMG that's the most amazing store in the whole world!!

I love Mac, I got the laptop I wanted plus they gave me the Ipod touch for free!! I couldn't be happier, now I'm getting use to this new world, this computer is completely different to my old laptop.Lol

After all the excitement of getting the laptop Mary took me to the hotel and we had to say good bye... that was sad but she is so smart that we decided to have a little crop at my room on thursday that was something to look forward because the rest of my week was boring!! 

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