06 julio 2008

where I was?

Ok I ended my last post after the trip to the lake, then we went to the store where the crop was, I try.... I mean really try to scrap there but there was a lot of things to do, see and talk, we had games and I won some prices ( and an altered box full of condoms LOL ) I really don't want to write everything we did without the pictures, I'm not a good story teller if I don't have a visual aid. LOL.

This is my take on the MI girls:
Lisa: she is sooo freaking funny, I had a great time with her, she is so sweet.
Mle: I didn't have a lot of time to talk to her that was a big regret but I think she is really nice and funny.
Beth (drammasmom etc) I loved her smile she is not only funny she is great person.
Trisha: she is a brave girl, she is sweet and fun I wanted to spend more time with her while I was in Grand rapids but she got sick, so she owe me a date lol.
Kristen B: for some estrange reason I thought she was taller like becky lol she is quiet and very nice.
Pam: she inspired me to lose weight she looks amazing and her work is soooo beautiful.
Jessie: the librarian I thought I was going to meet didn't go to the event, the real Jessie is a blast, she is loud funny I'm so happy I meet her.
Kim: she was the way I thought she was, and I love her accent lol 
Wendy: if it wasn't for the tshirt with the apples I wouldn't recognize her, she has the most beautiful eyes I ever seen, I really like her, she is fun and is nice to be around her. 
Amy: I never though she was that tall and I was expecting someone lauder, she is as funny and nice as she is on the bords I loved meeting her .
Lesle: I know you are going to read this because you read my blog lol as you know me I post here what I feel, I LOVE YOU!! I was so happy to meet you and talk to you. now every time I read something you post I hear your voice. I didn't have the opportunity to tell you how much I thank you for your comments on my blog. I consider you a true friend.
Becky: I thought she was shorter and quiet.... big mistake she is loud and really really tall, and so so funny.
Rhonda: I love spending time with her, she gave me a lot of ideas for my pages for my album and I thing she is incredibly sweet, and she is now happy, and I was happy to see her like this.
Michelle: Sweetie I don't have words to describe you, my vocabulary is limited in this case you are an amazing friend meeting you and spending all the time with you was great, I'm so lucky to have you as my friend.
Marry: before this trip I talk to Mary 2 o 3 times but she was so nice to take me to her house and we had a great time together. She is a loving caring and wonderful friend I can't thank her for all things she did for me.
and at last Betty.....
Betty was the main reason I decided to go to MI, she was the only one who knew I was going. I love her as my mom, since day one when I join scrapjazz she has been my friend, she always tell me the truth, it doesn't matter if thats not what I want to hear or not, we had spend a lot of time together and I love every minute of it, and she knows she is the stubborn one!! LOL Love you Betty!

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