05 julio 2008

My MI trip

Ok I know  I haven't blog in a while, but is not because the trip was terrible, it is because I had so much fun I did so many things and meet a lot of wonderful people that I don't know where to start, plus I don't have any pictures of the trip... yeah I'm a terrible scraper but in my defense everyone else had cameras so there are a lot of pics of me and the girls hopefully I'm going to get a cd with them so I'll post them later.

I arrive to the Detroit Airport almost at midnight, at the airport I've meet Betty, Michelle, Mary and Becky we had lots of fun in the ride to the hotel.
then the next day we sleep almost all morning and then Betty, Michelle and I went to the mall and spend time with Betty's dd and her grand dd, we had the greatest time, the little ones are the cutest girls.

Then at night we went to the first sb store there I've meet some of the girls there (I'll post later my thoughts about them), but I didn't scrap at all, all I did is look around and buy stuff, Rhonda was helping me chose paper so I got the cutest paper with a giraffe in it and some paper with hearts to put on my YOU & ME album I'm making for Kriss and I.
Almost at 12 we left the store and when to the hotel, the group of girl got together in one room and we had lots of fun there. 
Then on Saturday Lisa took us (Betty Michelle and I) to the lake Huron, I loved that trip we took pics there and had a blast, my tommy hurt of laughing so hard, then we went to the sb store where the crop was, and meet the rest of the MI girls, that night I bought a lot of stuff!! 
ok this is getting long I'll post agin tomorrow.

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