12 agosto 2008

I have Pics!!!

Finally I have some pics to post on my blog from the trip.
My "mom" Betty and I 
Love you girl!
Yeah Michelle and I being silly, no I wasn't drinking its a bottle of water lol
My dear friends Michelle, Betty and I 
Crazy and sweet Rhonda with me 
the roommates!!! Trisha, Michelle Betty and I 

3 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

I love you, too! Thanks to your parents for letting come to MI a few days early so we could finally meet!

"Mom" Betty

J dijo...

seriously, that chair was hard to push with the carpet. Miss you - hopefully I'll see you in June.


Kay dijo...

Hi Lily girl... I miss you!!! Hey, I have become "blog" savvy!!!!! Thanks to you!

Email me some time.

HUGS from Alabama,


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