25 febrero 2009

My Treasures!

These book were my treasures when I was little, I love reading about that silly monk until late hours at night, I can't remember how many times I read that book and since I found it I'm going to read it again lol, them I'll lent the book to Gabo, he should enjoy this stories and hopefully he will learn to love reading as much as I do.
Check out the date!!! I start reading in on september 5, 1992 that's last century!!! lol and finish it on the 22 I read fast!! 

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Melinda AKA medialady dijo...

Hey Lily! It is Melinda in Alabama!! Congrats on all the new stuff in your life since we last talked! I told Kay that you had commented on Scrapetc and she says she needs to talk to you. Here is her blog that you can contact her.


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