02 marzo 2009

What a week!!

Gabo had his first english class and he looove it, (as I said he would) he finished the fist chapter of the book in one hour that's a record! the teacher said he is really smart and he will learn fast :D he is counting the days for his next class, his mom told me he was so exited with the practice I made for him and the classes that all he does is talk about them lol.
And he is going to enjoy the practice I made for him today, I found this site worksheetworks with tons of math practice he could do, I just have to print them, they even have the Costa Rica map, that would be great for geography. I even made him a sticker chart, is he get good grades he earns a silly prize, for a full chart he gets a nice prize!! So far I bought him tons a hotwheels cars he loves to collect and pens and stickers from cars, action figures from Ben 10 and art supplies. 

I've been doing a lot of research for worksheets for him I wish there were a site like that in spanish is so hard to get good practices and literature stuff so I don't have to make them lol 

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