22 octubre 2006

New beginning

I started a new life a few days ago, last Wednesday I sing up for the L.A. Weight Loss program, I hate the way I look and the extra weight was killing me, I was feeling horrible, the day I realize I needed help was last Saturday because it was my god daughter birthday party and I didn’t have anything to wear and felt really uncomfortable at the party.

So far its being good I lost 1 kg (2.2lbs) only with one day of diet I couldn’t believe it myself I’m so happy, my next appointment is tomorrow lets pray is good, this weekend has been hard, Its not easy to be on a diet when all your family is eating normally.

2 comentarios:

Oscar T. Grouch dijo...

make sure the changes for weight loss become life style changes so you keep it off. Hugs.

Paula dijo...

Good on you Lily - take charge and do what you need to :) :)


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